highlight.cool lets you learn what your readers enjoy.

More interesting parts will become bolder than less interesting parts — kinda like how Medium does it, except better.

Try highlighting some text and you'll be able to create a highlight of your own or copy it to your clipboard.

Hover over a highlight and you'll see a counter for how many times that text has been highlighted. I call these neats.

Why "neats"? Because it's the reader's way of saying that's pretty neat.

Add it to your site

To add it to your site (no signup required):

  1. Add the following to your <head> element
    <link rel="preload" href="https://highlight.cool/public/highlight.cool.css" as="style" onload="this.onload=null;this.rel='stylesheet'" >
    <script defer src="https://highlight.cool/public/highlight.cool.js"></script>
  2. Add this button somewhere on your site
    <button id="show-highlights">Show highlights</button>
  3. Add a "highlight-cool" class to the top-level element of the blog. Children of this element are able to be highlighted. For example:
    <div class="highlight-cool">
        <h1>Everything I know about LLMs</h1>
            Something something stochastic parrot
            Something something tool not replacement
        <!-- ... -->


highlight.cool is free to use for your blog with unlimited highlights and pages.

There's a paid tier for $5/month or $40/year that allows you to remove the highlight.cool branding and customize the highlight color, among other exciting features (check out the roadmap below).

If that sounds neat to you, click the button below to sign up and upgrade.

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More reasons to use highlight.cool


Here are the things I have on the roadmap for highlight.cool:


If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to me at ian@highlight.cool